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Current Edge Sci-Fi Workshop 2024


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Current Edge Sci-Fi

Your cheatcode for 20+ marks in Prelims


Course Fee: 750/-

For first 100 Students only

Batch Starting From: 18th Jan, 2024

Mode: Online | offline

Class Time: 11:00 AM


Course Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of UPSC Prelims, staying ahead is not just about hard work, but smart work. "Current Edge Sci-Fi" is your smart solution – a meticulously crafted course designed to demystify the complexities of Science and Technology for UPSC aspirants. With a focus on current developments and underlying technologies, this course is your cheat code to scoring 20+ marks in Prelims.


Course Objectives

Basics to Brilliance: Simplifying the essentials of science and technology through classes covering A to Z requirement for Prelims 2024.

Real Exam Focus: Themes in line with the nature of recent UPSC questions.

Strategic Learning: Bridging the gap between knowledge and application through ready to use revision flashcards.


Comprehensive Content Coverage

Authoritative Sources: Extensive coverage from The Hindu, Indian Express, and Science Reporter.

All relevant topics covered from 2023 January to Prelims 2024

Content divided over 6 Themes and 20+ sub-themes


Methodology: 4-Prong Strategy

PYQ Analysis: Uncover trends and determine syllabus tree through Past Year Questions.

Thematic Classes: Live sessions from January 19th to 25th,with further updating sessions in April, 2024.

Revision Flashcards: A concise tool to revise complete course in few hours.

Full-Length Tests with personalised mentorship support: Two comprehensive tests to gauge your readiness.


Schedule of Sessions

Orientation Session: 18th January 2024

Session1 – Theme 1: General Science – 18th January 2024

Session2 – Theme 2: Space and Astronomy – 20th January 2024

Session3 – Theme 3: Health and Related Topics – 22nd January 2024

Session4 – Theme 4: Emerging Technologies – 24th January 2024

Session5 – Theme 5: Cyber Attacks, Theme 6: Defence and Security – 26thJanuary 2024


#Updatingsession timeline will be informed later.


Test schedule

Test1: On 28th January 2024 – After attending the sessions

Test2: April 2024 – After updating sessions


Science and Technology through 6themes and 20+ sub-themes



T1: General Science

Physical Sciences and Technology

Biological and Earth Sciences

New Researches and Discoveries

T2: Space and Astronomy

Astronomical and Cosmic Phenomena 

Space Exploration and Missions

Indian programs

Foreign programs

New developments in space technology

T3: Health and Related Topics

Public Health and Epidemiology

Biotechnology and Medical Innovations

T4: Emerging Technologies

Quantum Computing and Nanotechnology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Advanced Computing and Electronics

Futuristic Materials and related Physics

Technological Innovations and Challenges

T5: Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity Threats and Incidents 

Digital Privacy and Surveillance 

Emerging Cyber Threats

Technological Impacts and Society 

Regulation and Cyber Law

T6: Defence and Security

Defence Policies and Strategies 

Defence Technology and Innovation 

Defence Diplomacy

Defence News from across the world


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