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EKLAVYA ACE Test Series (CSE Prelims 2023)

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EKLAVY AAce Test Series (CSE Prelims 2023)


Course Fee: 99/- Only

10 Full Length Test

Batch Starting From: 1st May 2023

Offline Batch

Test Time: 9:30 AM

“Last chance to improve your chance of Selection in Prelims”

v  Solve FLT of 100 questions daily

v  Total 10 FLT (full length test)

v  Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday


ü  Write a FLT Alternate Day at CSE(P) time

ü  Revise complete Prelims syllabus daily

ü  Answer explanation with answer key

ü  100Q=complete Prelims syllabus + PYQ+ CSAT